Evgeniy Kosykh informed about the Altai Palace gambling complex enlargement

Evgeniy Kosykh, the Managing Director of the Altai Palace entertainment complex, said in a recent interview that the new restaurant and hotel are to be open in the nearest future.

Новости игорной зоны Сибирская монета: Евгений Косых рассказал о расширении игорного комплекса Altai PalaceDirector of Altai Palace, the first in Russian legal casino, located in the "Siberian Coin" gambling zone, informed that the new restaurant and hotel will be opened this year. The official opening of the restaurant is planned for the beginning of the tourist season in the region - June 1, 2016. Besides, the restaurant is already de-facto running and it is planned to slightly enlarge the object in the early summer.

Guests are mainly offered to try the Siberian and European cuisine. Clients order dainty fishes to be served in the sofa room of the Altai Palace entertainment complex.

Besides, Evgeniy Kosykh added that June 1 24 more new hotel rooms will be opened, including 2 hunior suit rooms and 1 suite room. Managing Director of the Altai Palace entertainment complex said that when the third floor of the complex will be opened, 80 additional rooms will appear. At the moment, only six hotel rooms are available.

Evgeniy Kosykh said that initially opening of all facilities of the complex was planned for the spring of the previous year. But these plans were not realized because the construction was somewhat delayed for several reasons.

Kosykh noted that funds are invested in actual needs – purchase of innovative equipment, construction of a new non-gambling facility, etc. new projects generation will be phased.

For information, the "Siberian Coin" gambling zone is located near the “Turquoise Katun” tourist resort. The first in Russian legal casino, Altai Palace, was founded on November 1, 2014. The whole Altai Palace complex was planned to be opened in April 2015.

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