The Russian government amended the Law “On lotteries”

The Russian government representatives informed that they have discussed in details and made some amendments to the gambling law “On lotteries”. These amendments will be aired in the Russian parliament.

Новости лотереи в России: Правительство РФ внесло поправки в закон «О лотереях»According to the Russian lawmakers, the new draft amendments to the Law “On lotteries”, which will be aired in the parliament, has been prepared. Some industry analysts believe that these amendments will "blur" the line between state lotteries and gambling industry. The Ministry of Finance, headed by Anton Siluanov, initiated the development of the new draft amendments.

If, after all, the Russian MPs will adopt these amendments, slot machines under the guise of the ordinary video lottery terminals can get on the market. In 2009, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to draft a special bill that would prohibit a variety of gambling activities, including slot machines. The government wanted to protect local residents from gambling by this legislative solution.

Now, gambling is permitted only in special places (zones). At the moment, there are 5 gambling zones where gambling services are allowed. But de facto only one gambling zone in Vladivostok is operating.

Enterprising Russians started using lotteries to provide gambling services. Popular with local players gaming terminals started being installed in many cities, train stations, markets. Quite recently, police officers of Ufa city eliminated the activities of such establishment with “video lottery” terminals which were very similar to slot machines. There was an impression that the invisible "border" between the slot and the lottery is very negligible.

But this border can become even thinner, since in March 2016 the Russian government adopted amendment to the Law “On lotteries”. According to this amendment, lottery tickets will be issued with the help of special lottery terminals in lottery stores.

Let us recall, on August 12, 2016 the Russian president instructed the legislators to draft a bill that would prevent the possibility of gambling activities disguised as lottery. So, the necessary amendments to the gambling legislation are developed in accordance with this resolution.

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