First Gaming: football is a leader at the market of sports betting in Russia

Betting on football remains the most popular sports betting at the Russian gaming market, despite a decline in figures for 2015.

Букмекерские новости: First Gaming: футбол лидирует на рынке спортивных ставок РоссииAccording to the data of the “First Gaming” gaming operator, the amount of bets of the professional football betters for the last 12 amounts to 40% of the total market as compared to 46% in the previous year.

Basketball is second (18.35%). And tennis comes third with almost the same figures – 18.19%.

The number of bets on such sports as volleyball and hockey amounts to 10.13% of the total number of sports bets.

The average size of bets fell by almost 50% that is 15.35 USD in 2015 as compared to 30.08 USD in 2014. Basketball came in first place on an average individual bet size (19.39 USD), beating the football where the same figure amounted to 16.81 USD.

Despite the decrease in the general index of sports betting, funder of the “First Gaming” company, the Rub90 bookmaker, wants to allay the fears about the situation in the market. Representatives of the bookmaker’s office claim that the reason for this trend is the absence of any major sporting events in 2015, as compared to 2014, when the World Cup and the Winter Olympics were held.

First Gaming — an expert in the field of gambling. The company was founded by the experienced in managing casinos in Moscow, Kyiv and St. Petersburg leading gambling industry managers. The main areas of its business activities include betting and casinos.

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