"Diamond Fortune Holdings" has started construction of two projects in the "Primorye" gambling zone

The main resident “Diamond Fortune Holdings” has started the construction of new facilities in the “Primorye” gambling zone. The building and construction works have started on two sites at once: Selena and Sun Casino & Resort.

Игорная зона Приморье: «Даймонд Форчун Холдингс Прим» приступил к строительству двух проектов в ИРКЗ «Приморье»The largest investor of the "Primorye" gambling zone — the "Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim" company started construction of two new complexes: Selena and Sun Casino & Resort.

The resident announced that excavation works and preparation of on-site roads have already been started. All trees have been cut down and works on uprooting are currently held. Moreover, the future buildings have already been contoured.

At the moment, all preliminary procedures such as topographic survey and geotechnical prospecting have been conducted. In the near future, field cable installation to mechanize the construction as well as pre-foundation works will be started,

— the "Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim" company’s representatives said.

Every future complex is represented by a 4- or 5-star hotel and casino. Besides, bars, restaurants, cinemas, SPA-centers and other entertainment facilities will be constructed. The opening of some complexes is planned for 2017.

It is worth noting that the projects of the Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim company’s hotel and entertainment complexes have been approved by the Commission of the Primorsky Krai Administration, headed by the Vice Governor Sergei Nekhaev.

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