Dmitry Dragun named obstacles to the legalization of gambling in Ukraine

Dmitry Dragun, partner of Baker Tilly Ukraine expressed his feelings about the legalization of gambling industry in Ukraine. Dragun believes that MPs should unite and adopt a law “On gambling”.

Драгун о легализации азартных игр в УкраинеDmitry Dragun is a partner of Baker Tilly Ukraine, an independent Ukrainian company providing audit and business consulting services. Dragun expressed his opinion on the need for the legalization of gambling industry in Ukraine. He believes that statements of politicians on the harmful social impact of gambling on the population are senseless, since it is a violation of human rights. After all, society has the right to choose the way of entertainment by themselves.

According to Dragun, the legalization of gambling industry in Ukraine has not still happened for several reasons:

  • Politicians prefer receiving the budget revenues from other sources, such as increase in taxes and increasing excise taxes, than form the legalization of gambling industry. Therefore, the MPs ignored the bill on the legalization of gambling.
  • The immaturity of Ukrainian society. In recent years, many have expressed rather gloomy views as to the legalization of gambling industry.
  • The operators of the gambling industry are separated by law,e. betting shops were banned in 2009, while lottery business does not have operating levers.

The lack of cohesion on the gambling market and between the MPs delayed the process of legalization of the gambling industry. Ukrainian politicians should lead the debates on the legalization of gambling, which the public can understand and accept,

- Dragun said.

Dmitry Dragun is a partner in the corporate services of the Baker Tilly Ukraine company and the chief executive of this department.

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