MFA: There are no data on the detrimental effect of lotteries on the national security of Ukraine

Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that lottery companies have no detrimental effect on the national security of Ukraine. The Ministry could not explain reason for the National Security and Defense Council’s imposition of sanctions against lottery companies.

МИД: Данных о негативном влиянии лотереи на нацбезопасность Украины нетThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine takes up the position that there are no documentary proofs of lottery companies’ negative influence on national security of the country. That kind of data is also missing in the annex to the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine “On the application of the personal and special economic restrictive measures (sanctions).”

Moreover, the Ministry does not know why the NSDC has imposed sanctions and the MFA did not initiate to add Ukrainian lottery companies to the list of legal entities the restrictive measures are applied to.

As a reminder, the NSDC’s decision led to blocking of sanctioned lottery companies’ financial transactions, and, therefore, they are not yet able to pay taxes to the state budget of Ukraine.

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