“G1 Entertainment” may be adjudged bankrupt

The Arbitration Court of Primorsky Kraiconsiders the case over collection of RUB 48 mln (USD 710 thousand) from the “G1 Entertainment” in favor of the LLC Construction company “Primorye – Far East”.

Игорная зона Приморье: «Джи1 Интертейнмент» могут признать банкротомThe “G1 Entertainment” company (formerly "The first game company of the East")is the operator of the only existing in the “Primorye” gambling zone casino, Tigre de Cristal, and it may go bankrupt.

The Arbitration Court of Primorsky Kraihas a claimtorecover RUB 48 mln (USD 710 thousand) from the company in favor of the contractor LLC “Primorye – Far East”. According to the claim, the “G1 Entertainment” must pay RUB 41 mln of the principal debt and RUB 6.9 mln pct. p.a.

The preliminary hearing of the Arbitration Court of Primorsky Kraion the case will beheld on April 4, 2016.

It is worth noting that the Tigre de Cristal casino opened in November 2015. The company has invested in the project USD 200 million.

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