Ukrainian lottery operators: 2015 — the worst year ever in the history of the existence of the market

Ukrainian lottery operators named the 2015 the worst year ever in the history of the existence of market, since the state raised taxes and imposed sanctions that are destroying their business.

Операторы лотерей Украины: 2015 год — самый худший за всю историю существования рынкаLottery operators consider the 2015 year to be the hardest one over the entire history of the Ukrainian lottery industry existence. According to them the state deliberately imposes high taxes and sanctions in order to put the existing operators out of the lottery market.

Taxation of the lottery market has really increased. Since January 01, 2016 operators pay the following taxes:

  • 18% income tax;
  • 15% tax on gambling winnings;
  • 10% corporation tax;
  • 1,5% military tax.

Imposed on September 02, 2015 by the National Security Council sanctions against operators which are thought to be of Russian origin, limited their opportunities. But the state shot itself in the foot as well, since lottery operators now can not pay taxes in full, in other words, budget loses huge sums.

Lottery operators are waiting for reforms, but the draft law of the Ministry of Finances aimed at taxation relieving was not passed. Operators are still in limbo, waiting for the lifting of sanctions and changes in the taxation base.

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