Milosheski: Amendments to the law “On gambling” will take a toll on the industry development in gambling zones

The Game Director of the "Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim” company Goran Milosheski expressed his negative opinion on the possible amendments to the current law "On lotteries”.

Милошески: Поправки к закону «О лотереях» негативно скажутся на развитии бизнеса в игорных зонахGoran Milosheski, Investor Game Director of the “Primorye” gambling zone and the "Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim” company, stated that possible amendments to the law "On lotteries” are in direct contradiction with the current law “On gambling”. He also said that they will seriously harm the further development of the companies that provide services in the gambling zones.

Milosheski said that these law rules actually legalize slot machines throughout the whole Russia. According to him, these slots will be installed under the guise of video lottery terminals or lottery machines. Goran noted that it is illegal under the laws in effect under which any gambling activity outside gambling zones is prohibited.

The Head added that his company management decided to invest in the "Primorye" gambling zone with respect to the existing gambling laws of the Russian Federation. If the Russian government accepts amendments, the gambling zones’ profitability will be called into question.

Moreover, Milosheski said that new law rules will cause the growth in the ordinary public gambling addiction and will worsen social situation in the country.

Let us recall, the "Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim” company is one of the main investors of the "Primorye" gambling zone. The company was founded in 2010 to develop a large entertainment complex on the territory of the gambling zone.

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