Toporetska: Ministry of Finance oppresses lottery operators for the sake of foreign business

Senior Lawyer of the Jurimex company Zoryana Toporetska stated that the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine is trying to destroy the domestic lottery industry lobbying the interests of foreign companies.

Новости лотереи: Топорецкая: Минфин притесняет операторов лотерей ради иностранного бизнесаZoryana Toporetska, Senior Lawyer of the Jurimex company, believes that the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine is interested in destroying the domestic lottery business in order to give the green light to the foreign companies. According to the expert, it is proved by the draft law on legalization of gambling.

If to read the latest draft law No. 3632, the first version of the Cabinet’s draft law, one can notice a clear lobbying of foreign betting companies. In accordance with the document's qualifying requirements, only two betting companies operating in at least three foreign companies and having high requirements to the charter capital can operate at the market. Furthermore, the Ministry of Finance directly said that negotiations are under way with the American and Greek companies. Therefore, the Ministry of Finance prevents the domestic market from operating in the normal course for the sake of foreign betting companies,

— said the lawyer.

Toporetska also believes that the Ministry of Finance representatives consciously do not want to introduce transparent rules for lottery market. According to the expert, the Ministry of Finance strongly suppresses lottery companies’ activities instead of allowing them function normally.

Nowhere in the world has such situation existed: the domestic business is being destroyed for the benefit of foreign companies,

— Toporetska said.

Note that the representatives of the Anti-Corruption Committee have repeatedly rejected all the versions of the Ministry of Finance’s draft law on the legalization of the gambling industry accusing the Ministry of Finance in lobbying.

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