The M.S.L. Ukrainian lottery operator retorted media charges of illegal gambling

The M.S.L. State Lotteries Operator made a solemn declaration on the website refuting false statements spread by media faulting the operator for involvement in illegal gambling.

Новости лотереи: Оператор лотерей «М.С.Л.» опроверг обвинения СМИ в незаконной игорной деятельностиThe M.S.L. State Lotteries Operator published on its website the retraction of information about its involvement in illegal gambling. According to the operator, this information is spread by some media.

The M.S.L. Lotteries Ukrainian Operator is a member of the European Association of State Lotteries and Toto, and is the only operator in the country, which has a "certificate of responsible gaming standards" from the European Lottery Association,

 it is said in the message According to the lottery company, this confirms the level of transparency of its work at the international level.

The M.S.L. stressed that the company has nothing to do with underground gambling business. So, there is no gambling equipment in the official lottery tickets sales offices. All M.S.L. sales offices can provide formal contracts with the company.

The only activity of M.S.L. is issuing and carrying out lotteries in the country,

— the operator said.

Moreover, the company addressed to the representatives of the “7 channel” that spread the story in which the M.S.L. was called to be the owner of an underground gambling establishment. Also, the operator informed the employees of the TV channel that its activity is not connected with the Russian business.

At the moment, the lawyers of the M.S.L. company do not exclude that they will protect the reputation of the company in court.

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