“Pari-Match” bookmaker company buys domain in the .BET zone

At the moment, “Pari-Match” Holding is in the process of purchasing of domain in the .BET zone. Although, the operator does not consider that the purchase of the domain will improve its activity in terms of marketing.

Новости букмекерского бизнеса: «Пари-Матч» покупает домен в зоне .BETRepresentatives of the “Pari-Match” Company said that the company is currently in the process of purchasing of the additional domain in the .BET zone. But, according to the operator, the company’s domain will not be replaced by the new one. Website in the .BET zone is needed in case of emergency and will minimize the risk of fraud.

Our current Parimatch.com domain is the part of the “Pari-Match” brand what emphasizes its belonging to the betting activity. Moreover, the domain is easy to perceive.

— Press Service of the “Pari-Match” Company commented on.

Domain in the .BET zone was activated in the free registration on March 3 and is intended for representatives of the gambling industry. Some bookmakers have already bought the domain in .BET zone, unlike the “Marathon” Company that did not register its domain in this zone.

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