Miklushevsky: “Primorye” gambling zone is the key investment project in the region

At the meeting the Administration of Primorye territory discussed important issues concerning the development of “Primorye” gambling zone. The meeting was chaired by the Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky.

Новости игорной зоны Приморье: Миклушевский: Игорная зона «Приморье» является ключевым инвестиционным проектом регионаThe Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky held a meeting with the Administration of the Krai.

Director of the Tourism Department Konstantin Shestakov has provided important statistical information concerning the “Primorye” gambling zone. According to him, the flow of tourists has increased by a quarter since 2014, and over the past year the "Primorye" zone was visited by about half a million foreign tourists.

The territorial budget received RUB 1.4 bln. (USD 20.5 mln) in tax revenues from the organizers of gambling. The success of the "Primorye" gambling zone is obvious, since statistics shows that the Tiger De Cristal casino is visited by about 550 people daily.

The Governor of Primorye territory Vladimir Miklushevsky said that 2016 will be marked by “Primorye” gambling zone. At the moment, investors' interest deepens.

The auction conducted in December 2015 showed the interest of investors in the "Primorye" gambling zone. The “Hein Youngli” had the opportunity to implement the new project on the territory of the gambling zone paying RUB 1.5 bln. (USD 22 mln.) for the “admission ticket”. The future of the "Primorye" gambling zone – integrated development of the surrounding areas as a single tourist and recreational cluster,

— noted the Governor.

Besides, Miklushevsky placed greater focus on the work with residents, who must comply with all terms of the stated obligations. And the active development of gambling zone will increase the volume of tourist flows and will provide new jobs.

At the moment, four investment contracts for the construction of casinos and hotels totaling RUB 108 billion (USD1.6 billion) have already been signed. The main investors of the gambling zone are “G-1 Entertainment” together with Melco International Development Limited, Malaysian companies “NagaCorp Ltd”, «Royal Time Primorye" and "Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim”.

It’s worth remarking that in 2016 the Territorial Administration of Primorskyi Krai expects to receive RUB 437 mln. (USD 6.2 mln.) in tax revenues from only the Tigre de Cristal casino.

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