Bookmakers: Russia is a Frontrunner on the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

The leading European bookmaker companies consider Sergey Lazarev from Russia to be a frontrunner on the regular Eurovision Song Contest that will take place on May 14 in Stockholm, Sweden. However, earlier bookmakers predicted victory to Sweden and its representative.

Букмекеры: Россия — фаворит на Евровидение 2016The famous singer Sergey Lazarev will represent Russia on the Eurovision International Song Contest in 2016. And it’s he whom the world’s bookmaker companies consider to be a frontrunner in this contest. The rate onto his victory is 3.5. Lazarev will be singing his new song – You are the only one.

For the long time, the bookmakers gave the garland of victory to Frans, young singer from Sweden that is the host country for this year’s competition. He will present his song named If I Were Sorry. After the new song of Sergey Lazarev became very popular on the Internet, the bookmakers have considerably decreased winning chances of the Swede. Now the rate onto his victory is 3.75. Apparently, the basic competition for the first place on the European song contest will be held among two countries – Russia and Sweden.

The top three is concluded by representatives of two countries at once – Australia with Dami Im singing Sound of Silence, and Croatia with Nina Kraljic singing Lighthouse. The rate onto their victory is similar – 10.0.

Polina Gagarina used to represent Russia on this contest last year. She occupied the second place having lost just few points to Mons Selmerlöv from Sweden.

On March 5, 2016 Sergey Lazarev presented his new song - You are the only one that has collected multiple positive comments from the audience. The lyrics to this song were written by foreign specialists – John Ballard and Ralph Charlie. The music to this song was written by a composer Dimitris Kontopoulos (Greece) together with Philipp Kirkorov.

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