The ski trail will be one of the advantages of the “Primorye” gambling zone

The main investor of the “Primorye” gambling zone, the “Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim” Company, will construct the ski trail in one of the new entertainment complexes.

Горнолыжная трасса станет одним из достоинств игорной зоны «Приморье»
Grzegosh Ash

Last week the representatives of the “Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim” Company, investors of the “Primorye” gambling zone, presented to the Primorsky Territory Administration three new projects of the entertaining and hotel complexes — Golden Gate, Moon Gate and Sun. One of the projects includes the construction of the ski trail which will become the main advantage of the gambling zone.

Board member and Director of Marketing of the “Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim” Company Grzegosh Ash said that the ski slope will be 350 meters in length and will be located on the territory of the Golden Gate complex. This entertaining and hotel complex consists of three buildings, among which will be a hotel with 576 rooms of different classes, and a casino with 200 gaming tables and 2,100 slot machines.

This area has a varied geography and very interesting slope on which the ski trail will be constructed. In winter one can go skiing here and in the summer the slope is designer for extreme activities - downhill (downhill mountain biking). We know that many citizens of Vladivostok and the south of Primorye are fans of these sports,

— said Grzegosh Ash.

Opening of the Golden Gate entertainment and hotel complex is planned for 2017. The designed buildings are already outlined there. The “Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim” Company was founded in 2010 and is a key investor of the "Primorye" gambling zone.

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