Tigre de Cristal casino’s revenues amount to RUB 400 mln p.c.m. — Summit Ascent Holdings

The Summit Ascent Holdings company, owner of the Tigre de Cristal casino, announced its average income in 2016. Casino brings RUB 400 mln (USD 6 mln) p.c.m. in profits.

Новости игорной зоны Приморье: Доходы казино Tigre de Cristal составляют ₽ 400 млн в месяц — Summit Ascent HoldingsThe Summit Ascent Holdings company is the owner of the located in “Primorye” gambling zone Tigre de Cristal casino. According to the published on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange data, the company's revenue from casino in January and February 2016 amounted to RUB 407 mln (USD 6 mln) and RUB 412 mln (USD 6.08 mln), respectively.

Due to the heavy spending on the Tigre de Cristal casino opening, in 2015 the company made a loss of USD 11 mln. But in December 2015 casino brought RUB 448 mln (USD 6.6 mln) in revenue. This figure increased by a factor of 1.6 as compared with the October revenues which amounted to RUB 278 mln (USD 4.1 mln).

The amount of business for VIP-customers service has increased significantly. In November 2015 it ran at USD 33.3 mln and in February 2016 it reached USD 49.3 mln. As for the sales revenue  from slot machines, it amounted to USD 11.5 mln in November and USD 15.6 mln in February.

The Summit Ascent Holdings company has decided to increase its presence in the gambling zone. In late 2016 the construction of two hotels and casino with 100 tables for VIP-players, 70 tables for mass gambling, as well as 500 slot machines will start. The entertaining and hotel complex’s opening is planned for late 2018.

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