«United Russia» will review amendments to the draft law «On gambling»

The «United Russia» faction is going to discuss the possibility of the Russia’s gambling industry renewal in the form of video lotteries and non-draw lotteries.

The head of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes Andrei Makarov tabled for consideration by the «United Russia» deputy faction a draft law «On gambling». Made by the Government amendments may become the framework for further widespread distribution of slot machines which will be delivered in the form of video lottery terminals.

Amendments to the law «On gambling» has already been agreed by the government, but there is no guarantee that the ruling party will take a positive decision.

The «United Russia» deputies are familiar with the president’s negative attitude towards gambling. The Head of the «United Russia» faction Vladimir Vasilyev and authoritative deputies - Sergei Neverov, Shakkum Martin and Andrei Isayev have already expressed their critical position to the draft law.

Members of the «United Russia» party understand that they bear full responsibility for the consequences of the amendments and, in case of unfavorable outcome the party’s opponents will have an occasion to criticize the policy of «United Russia» before elections.

To be noticed is that the number of acts of protest against gambling in some Russian cities is currently growing. For example, near the Moscow metro station the «I love Russia» activists started to gather signatures against amendments to the draft law.

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