Zhuravsky: betting providers continue to work online even after the imposition of new taxes

President of the First Self-Regulatory Organization of Russian Bookmakers and “Liga Stavok” Bookmaking Company Oleg Zhukovsky states that 100 times increase of the online betting business tax will not affect the activities of companies.

Новости букмекеров России: Журавский: Букмекеры продолжат работать в Интернете даже при новом налогеOleg Zhukovsky, President of the First SRO and “Liga Stavok” Bookmaking Company, expressed his opinion on the new amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

This tax will not affect the betting business. The state will continue to receive taxes and betting companies will not stop accepting interactive bets. In comparison with assets which betting companies have to collect to get a license, this amount looks a little bit “ridiculous”. The company that managed to collect RUB 1 bln (YSD 15 mln) net assets, can pay RUB 3 mln (USD 44 thousand) monthly tax without any problems,

said the expert.

It is a reminder that the Russian government has prepared a Draft Law to increase the online betting tax 100 times.

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